01. overview


MMS Genius Platform is a platform that generates income for people worldwide who are seeking for extra earnings outside of routine careers. This genius platform generates incomes from invitations, start-up lines and auto-ship from the monthly service charge of the existing members of MMS Genius Platform. The income is initially based on 3 plan models; A, B and C. These work by binary autorun formation, with robots to assist members in order to increase the success of receiving income from the system.
Starting by members to purchase the copyright membership of MMS Genius Platform with 6 USD points to access the platform in Plan A , and upgrading to Plan B and C by spending 123 USD for higher income.
MMS Genius Platform shall use a digital token called “MMSC = MMS Coin Token” to exchange points in the system, as the token is the main driving factor of the system. The point is determined as 1 point: 1 USD. Members are required to purchase MMSC from the exchanges where our tokens are listed. Once the members hold MMSC, they need to transfer MMSC to the company’s wallet to exchange with 6 USD points and complete membership registration processing. Once logged-in, the members upgrade their Plan A membership status to complete and learn how to gain further income from the system infinitely.

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02. Details

MCOIN Specifics

MMSC (MMS Coin) is the value only validated in the system, not on the exchange, which is the main factor of equation calculation in coin mining from the system.
As per registration, members of the MMS Genius Platform are purchased by MMSC coin and exchanged into points for system earning distribution calculation. Hence, the company has regulated the value of the coin's increase as follows:

1. The coin's value is set at 3.3 USD on September 1st, 2021.
2. Members who successfully register on the MMS Genius Platform shall increase the value of the coin by 0.00033 USD / 1 MMSC of the MMS Genius Platform's members.



The company has determined MMSC to be used for purchasing a copyright registration on the platform (MMS Genius Platform) for members with MMSC in exchange for points on the platform's systems. The points are used for the platform system's running calculation, and the members' earnings are distributed as dividend points based on each plan where members are registered in the system and are able to be withdrawn as MMSC

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