Thai-Cambodia Platform Model MMSC Withdrawal Date is Determined

No longer wait for Thailand-Cambodia Model after some adjustments on the server relocation has been applied for months to stabilize the distribution system. November 15th, 2021 is determined for the first withdrawal date of MMSC from the system with the difficulty value of 4.2$ as a variable for mining result. The token is to be distributed per the current level and amount of downline codes exist in their units. Most of members have attached the correct numbers which are ready for withdraw right away and some have abandoned their own users for some reasons.
Double MS Genius Platform would like to congratulate our successful members for their trusts during the tough times that the company were facing throughout the time since we only initially started from a real zero to this current point was not easy to manage for sake of being someone and known by people.
The next challenge is to let the world know us and welcome to our MMS family at the first resolution is to help people who are fronting difficulties in daily life in everywhere in this world.

Be patient and walk together. Double MS always be by your side.
written by Chris

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