Soon Launch Date, MMS STAKING

One of big project of MMS, Staking is about to be launched and to be announced officially on our website by our CEO of the lock-up staking for the period of 2 years.

This project’s objective is to let our members and non-member join the staking and receive extra income in the type of monthly dividend after 6 months of deposit. This is more stable than trading on platform which the members do not have to risk the loss of reduced price on the market. The staking budget shall be used for project development as now we are to establish our own blockchain and exchange. These 2 projects are to lessen our members on the fee charge and speed of transactions.

3 packages are open for staking campaign;
Deposit Package Deposit per 1 unit Maximum Unit Shares Receive
(10 MCASH : Share) Dividend Rate

SILVER 10 MCASH 9 1-9 Shares Normal
GOLD 100 MCASH 4 10-40 Shares More than SILVER 5%
PLATINUM500 MCASH 2 50-100 Shares More than SILVER 10%

Table of Additional Dividend from the Deposit (No relevant with the dividend of MCASH Deposit)

Deposit Package Deposit per 1 unit Maximum Unit Extra MMSC every 3 month (Limit 19 years)

SILVER 10 MCASH 9 0.25 MMSC per a unit of deposit
GOLD 100 MCASH 4 2.50 MMSC per a unit of deposit
PLATINUM500 MCASH 2 12.50 MMSC per a unit of deposit

The maximum staking requires 10,000,000 MCASH and to be closed once reached the target amount. The member can contact on company’s official channel with the admin to request the staking and submit the application form.

written by Chris

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