Through the day of relaunching the franchise platform of Double MS Genius Platform for brand new interface and let our member upgrade their revenue generator units. The progress is smooth and incredible system running performance with less of bugs appeared and as good as a perfect practice. MMSC is taking its principal part in the platform where its current price equal to 123 USDT to be used in exchange of this unit upgrade in one chart. The response of users is very well and is done more than half of registered users, which means the token generator works and wealthy life era begins! The massive number of users of our blueprint model are following in a few days afterward.
MCASH is now on coin market cap where it is proved in global market of its qualified productivity in crypto trading exchanges.
MCAH is also used in varied service in MMS MALLS which is about to open in upcoming weeks. Currently is under the process of the merchants to add their products/pricing/labelling in the website with over 50 merchants on board and 50 categories to be provided on service. The special property of MMS MALL is, there is only 1 mall in a country and the logistic fee is included with the price! Spending with MCASH! No more other real money cost! Just order and wait the knock on the door at your home! How happy life is!
Double MS Genius Platform is proud for our members to finally achieve the passive income consistently with the global prominent steps having this digital world to life.

written by Chris

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