Visa Crypto Debit Card, Privilege of Modernized Crypto Traders’ Life
The evolution of financial method in daily life cannot be denied of crypto currency that gradually takes part of new generation people. Many of big crypto companies have issued visa crypto debit card campaigns. The usage of visa crypto card is as the same function as our current traditional debit card;
1. Payment to merchants for products and services where allow or support crypto payment.
2. The visa card requires the crypto coin/token to be available in the account.
3. The wallet is needed to be bound with the visa crypto card.
4. The crypto coin/token those are available in one’s card is able to be cashed out via crypto ATM.
However, there are also some limitations of crypto debit card as not many atm machine available in a country and a smaller number of shops those support the crypto payment method due to the volatility of crypto price.
The Crypto Debit Card providers are as you may have seen currently as big crypto exchanges e.g. Binance, Coinbase, Gemini, Wirex, and Blockfi.
These cards will only support the wallet account that the member has opened with the provider only. The campaign of each provider is varied upon their own companies’ conditions, mostly on the reward structures and different list of crypto coin that contains in the card.
MMSC and MCASH are both listed in a provider, Cofinex. Our member shall be soon enjoyed the life of evolution soon!

written by Chris

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