New Project is Launching Soon, MMS JACKPOT

To reward the investment pool of our members, let’s keep our eyes on the new project MMS JACKPOT which allows our members to win the reward pool of MMS activity. The method of joining this pool is the member to transfer just 1 MCASH a time to the rewarding wallet, and these MCASHs are collected in 1 big pool of Jackpot. The condition is not complicated, as following;
1. 1 member make a guess 4 English letter maximum 5 times and 1 MCASH each.
2. The result of win is real time broadcasted by every 10 day.
3. If no one wins the round, the reward pool of the round shall be summed up with the next pool, and to be added up every pool for no win appears.
4. These tickets of guess can be used for next round until you win.
5. On every win, if more than one member wins at a time, the total reward pool shall be shared equally.
This is a way of MMS reward back to our dear members. Take a chance to join this XX,XXX times of token reward pool.
Remark: the rule of joining may be varied upon proper considerations and to be announced in advance if any change shall be applied.

written by Cris.

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