Official Platform of MMS and Franchise is Coming Up soon
Congratulations to all dear members per latest update of our CEO, Mr. Pongsakorn, to be ready releasing the new version of official MMS platform on Tuesday September 28th, 2021 at 6.00pm. The new interface and currency to be applied in USD form. You may get to check your structure and revenue level in the platform. The MMS points that the members receive from the structure shall be rewarded in MMSC token in accordance with the process that has been announced.
Franchise platform is also to be released for our neighbor countries to register and KYC though.
Once the members receive the token, it can be put on trades with the exchanges where our tokens are listed. At the same time of these tokens’ trading is processing day to day, the record of trading volume per day shall be considered by Coin Market Cap (CMC) and Coin Gecko to consolidate the future of MMSC/MCASH tokens’ growth for sake of achieving the global market value of the tokens being shown in mobile crypto wallet applications.
One hand of each will bright up our community. Millions be one for strength of MMS Genius Platform.
written by Cris.

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